12 Jun

The right Pool Light to fit Pentair recessing box

If you are planning to replace Pentair pool lights, and you want keep the recessing box and without doing any construction change,
RISE pool lights will be a good choice.
Below is what we did, just replace the Par56 bulb with RISE LED pool lights.
Pentair pool lights
Model No.: RS-RP54W316X(88255)
Front cover & Housing: 316L Stainless steel
Dimensions: D265*H65mm
Tempered Glass 8mm thickness
LED Q’ty: 18pcs 3W LED / 18pcs 3in1 LED / 24pcs 3in1 LED / 18pcs 4in1 LED
Voltage: AC/DC24
Cable gland: Stainless steel 316L PG13.5
Driver: Constant current driver built-in
Lens: Clear, Bead, Frosted
Beam Angle Options: 10° 30° 45° 60° 90°
Power Cable: AWG 5/18 or AWG 3/18 SOW rubber cable
Protection Class: IP68
Environment: Dry / Pool
Mounting Hardware: Embedded System
Net Weight: 5.8kgs with 1.5m cable
Lifetime: >50000H

RISE LED pool lights

02 Jun

High Power LED Flood light

Led Flood lights are used for buildings, hotels and bridges. Usually used in high lumen lighting scenes.
Recommend our high power led Flood lights to you.
Item number:RS-LS200W355H (64101)
Front cover & Housing: Aluminum body
Tempered Glass: 8mm thickness
LED chip: 120*2W Cree Chips
LM: 13200LM
Cable gland: Nickel plated brass PG9
Driver: Built- in AC90-245V Meanwell driver
Lens: 5°10° 30° 45° 60°
Power Cable: 3*0.75 mm² VDE rubber cable
Protection Class: IP65
High Power LED Flood light
Light distance: 40-50M
3W-360W Led Flood light can be offered,welcome to visit  www.riseled.com

09 May

2 Meters LED Wall Washer Light for Tunnel

In our normal thoughts, led wall washer lights are used for buildings, hotels, bridges; but now we produced a 2M led wall washer light for tunnel, with new type lens 144*62degrees which is from Ledil, a very professional lens company, and Cree XML 10W led chips, the lamp gets supper effects, also very bright .

Besides, this 2M led wall washer light also has new design connection way: connectors in both end sides, easy to connect after installation. With this connection way, the IP rating still IP65 rating waterproof.

Not only this lamp,we also have 1.2m, 1.5m,1.8m led wall washer lights, RISE always have professional product design team, independent design and R&D of new products, we accept customized orders.

Here show you some pictures for your view.



30 Apr

The advantages of Rise wall washer light

LED wall washer is mainly used to lighting and beautifying environment of commercial projects, hotel clubs, bridges and docks and other architectural projects.
Through the ingenious combination of colorful lights and projection angles, it brings a new visual experience; it can achieve dynamic effects, such as gradual change, jumping change, color flashing, random flashing, alternating gradient. DMX512 control system can also be used to achieve catch-up and scan effects.
LED Wall Washer Lights
1. Our lamp body is made of thick aluminum with good heat dissipation. The length can be customized, such as 600mm, 1200mm, etc., the width and height are fixed (1000mm is a normal type), and the protection level is IP65. It has a good waterproof effect and is suitable for outdoor environments.
2. Built-in constant current drive, the stability of the whole lamp is higher. According to its efficiency and stability, we use a high-efficiency constant current source, which can reduce energy loss and temperature.
3. We use Epistar and CREE brand for lamp bulbs, with high brightness, high energy efficiency, long-lasting durability, and more stable LED performance.
4. The common luminous angle of the lens is 10°, 30°, 45° ,60°,90° and 10*80°,10*60°etc. (also can be customized according to the needs of other luminous angle lenses), we use a beaded lens to reduce the flare problem and the brightness is average. At the same time make the RGB color mixing effect better.
5. Flexible mounting bracket, easy to adjust the angle of the lamp, more efficient operation.

The following are our Projects cases:
outdoor wall wash lighting

Outdoor LED Wall Washer Lights
Site:Saudi Arabia


26 Apr

RGB-DMX fountain light in musical fountains

As people’s horizons are gradually broadened, the pursuit of quality of life is gradually improved, and music fountains have gradually become people’s favorite night scenes. The gorgeous LED fountain lights are used in music fountains to program music through program control systems and music control systems. , The fountain shape is combined with music melody and lighting to produce a kaleidoscopic water scene, reflecting the connotation and theme of music. Use the brilliant and splendid lighting effects to show the magical visual enjoyment.
RGB-DMX fountain lightLed Pool Lights
A musical fountain is a movable fountain created for entertainment. Sound, light, color, and shape are beautiful. For example, the performance on the stage arouses people’s contemplative emotions and enjoys the beauty of water. It is a holy place for leisure, entertainment and photography, and is loved by the public.

Acoustic-optic hydro-power is the four major characteristics of the fountain, and the light in it refers to the LED fountain light. LED lighting plays a very important role in visual effects in the entire music fountain, providing people with visual lighting conditions for watching performances.

However, on this basis, after a series of elaborate designs, the lighting effects are more diverse. The designed light is the second soul of the fountain show. It can not only illuminate and dye, but also render the artistic conception while achieving this effect. The shape of the fountain and the changes in lighting are synchronized with the music, so as to achieve the water type, lighting and The perfect combination of color changes and musical emotions makes the fountain performance more vivid and full of content and reflects the art of water. Enrich people’s lives.

LED Fountain Ring LightLED Underwater Fountain Lights

13 Apr

Municipal Square Music Fountain in Fuzhou City

It’s been running for 5 month for the music fountain lighting project in Fuzhou city, Jiangxi province.
LED Fountain Ring Light
This project total installed above 900pcs 6*4W 4in1 RGBW(6000K)-DMX led fountain lights.
The whole control system and lighting effects was designed by Singapore lighting designing company.

With very good reputation, RISE is becoming one of the most popular suppliers on led underwater lights, led fountain lights and led pool lights.

We can handle the whole project from 2D & 3D drawing, electric working drawing, wiring diagram, control cabinet system, installation diagram, and so on.
Welcome to ask for our new version brochure,  www.riseled.com

10 Apr

Simple Lighting design for out wall of building with LED wall washer light

LED wall washer light is widely used for landscape lighting in nowadays, especially for building, bridge, commercial area.
There are many advantages for wall washer light:

Wattage options: The lighting distance is up to the wattage, led wall washer light has many different power for optional in the market, the most regular power like 18W/24W/36W/48W, and there are some manufacturer also can produce big power wall washer light.
Size: To accommodate different installation environments, wall washer light has different length, 0.6M/1M/1.2M, other special length can be customized if you have this reqiure.
Led color: Based on different lighting style, many led color can be choosen, single color include 3000K/4000K/500K/6000K/Red/Green/Blue/Yellow, and multi color is RGB/RGBW.
Working voltage: There are two kinds of voltage AC and DC, regularly the AC is AC90-240V, build-in high voltage driver in lamp, DC include DC12V/DC24V/DC36V, the light need connect power supply from outside.
Beam angle: Narrow angle, longer lighting distance. The normal beam angle 10/30/45/60/90 for options, 30 deg is most popular one,.For the lens there are clear type and frosted type, out wall lighting using, frosted lens will be a better choice to avoid light spot.

Here is some lighting project with RISE led wall washer light.

Out wall lighting with 1m 72W led wall washer light RGB, DMX in 10 degrees beam angle.

Out wall lighting with 0.5m 36W and 1m 54W RGB 3in1 wall washer light in DMX, 30 degrees beam angle.


Wall lighting with 1m 36W 5000K led wall washer light in 45 degrees beam angle.


Feel freely to contact us if you have any related project.


22 Nov

144W High Power 316L SS LED Underwater Fountain Light for 50M height Foutain waterfall

More and more main fountain need high watt of led underwater Fountain light, In order to meet clients’ request.
Our company designed and open new model for high power LED underwater fountain light in this year. The Light can do 144W with RGBW(4in1 led chips), Work with 50M height fountain.

After half a year of testing, our company officially launched our new lamps to the market. All details as below form,







Color Working


Glass IP rate IK rate Nozzle

hole size




or 36*4W


or Edison


stainless steel




DC24V 10mm tempered IP68 09 80mm 6.8kgs/pc

Light pictures,
led underwater Fountain light

Underwater LED Fountain LightsLED Underwater Spot Lightshigh power LED underwater fountain light

We can offer Single color type, RGB-DMX, RGBW-DMX and RGBV+ control mode.
Contact information


Contact person: Ms Suzy Tong

WhatsApp/Wechat ID: +86 134 2872 6006
Welcome your inquiry for this new lights.

30 Apr

New Product 90*3W LED Wall Washer Light

LED wall washer light is very common in our life. For example, when we go to the supermarket in the evening, the linear lighting on the building is the wall washer light.

LED Wall Washer Lights are generally used for landscape lighting, such as lighting engineering, shopping malls, subway and other panoramic lighting. The illumination effect of the wall washer light shines out in one shape. When the wall washer lights are put together, the whole wall is washed by the light, and the illuminated surface is obvious.
90W 18x5W Outdoor LED Building Wall Washer Lighting
We have a new product to show you:90*3W Wall Washer Light
Outdoor LED Architectural Wall Washer Light
Features and Advantage of this 90*3W LED Wall Washer Light:
1.Using High efficiency Epistar, Cree, 3W high power LED Chip
2.Supplied with 1m 3wires/4wires VDE rubber cable
3.Cable lengths can be supplied according to your requirements.
5.Beam Angle:10°  30° 45° 60° 90° for optional
6.Pass CE, ROHS, and SGS listed
7.Supplied with 1.5m 3wires/5wires VDE rubber cable or UL rubber cable
8.Outdoor IP65 Protection Level
9.Material:Aluminium+Tempered glass cover

If you need more detail,welcome to contact us
Welcome to inquiry

17 Dec

RISE 2019 Overseas Exhibition

Rise ‘s 2019 overseas exhibition just confirmed these period, we are pleased to announce to all our dearest customers, and we looking forward to meeting you on the booth.
1.Expo Electrica Internacional 2019, Mexico
Time: June 4-6th  2019
Add: Mexico city, Mexico
RISE 2019 Overseas Exhibition
2.LEDTEC ASIA 2019, Vietnam Int’l LED/OLED & Digital Signage 2019
Time: May 23-25th, 2019
Add: SECC, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
3.LIGHT Middle East, Dubai
Time: September, 2019
Add: Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
We would present about 6 new products on the fairs, including LED marine boat lights,  LED inground deck lights, LED wall washers, Linear pixel wall washers, also LED landscape spot lights….

Thank you choosing RISE, we would offer our best quality and service for you.